Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Nachos - Bleed EP

The other day I woke up to an email from blogger regarding a post on my blog that allegedly infringed upon the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I took it with a grain of salt and assumed it was justified because even though I try to primarily post out of print and old records, a lot of major labels tend to get upset when you go around sharing records for free even though they let them go out of print. I'm a rational person and I understand these matters from a variety of angles, but if a record isn't even available to purchase anymore and technically out of print (i.e. Hum's Downward is Heavenward), why shouldn't people be able to access it somewhere else?

However, I didn't receive the email about Hum, CNN, Casual or any of the other major label records I've posted in here. Rather, it was about these two Weekend Nachos songs they personally made available via their MySpace and on message boards that I merely reposted. The link on my blog goes directly to the mediafire link they put up prior to the release of Unforgiveable. This was back in April of 2009. Though they didn't (and don't) really need my help promoting their band, they are my friends and I was psyched on the record they were about to release so I posted the two songs and a short interview with John. Though in the grand scheme nothing happened other than blogger setting the post back to "draft" status of which I was easily able to republish, it was still a curious and annoying situation.

With that said, here is their brand new EP Bleed, ripped from the original master copy straight from the band. Don't bother with the other horrible sounding version floating around, this one sounds awesome and heavy as it was intended. 2 songs in 14 minutes complete with drawn out, sprawling, heavy riffs, periodic fast parts and the occasional NYHC groove ala Madball. It's a bit of a departure from everything else they've done, but it's as well thought out and intense as anything they've done.

Buy the record and attend their record release show on July 18th if you live in the Chicago area.


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