Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Saturday People/The Clientele Split 7"

Slumberland has a storied history of releasing great indie-pop singles and splits. So, I'm sure the idea of pairing up two fantastic singles bands in The Clientele and The Saturday People must have been a no brainer. After all, the majority of these bands finest output were singles and 7" EP's.

On the A Side is the original single version of "Grace" by The Saturday People. It was re-recorded for their LP, but in my opinion this version is head and shoulders above the later version. This song was my introduction to 'The People and it is one of, if not, THE finest recorded moment of their short tenure. "Grace" is everything a beautiful indie-pop song should be - shimmering guitars with a catchy hook and breathy vocals so delicate it seems like they could break at any moment.

On the flip side is The Clientele's contribution with "Porcelain." While it is not my favorite of their early tracks, it is a fine edition to a nearly flawless singles catalog. It's a moody, dreary track perfect for this time of year when you really want to isolate yourself from the cold, grey weather.

If you like either of these bands, or pop music in general, you need this one.

The Saturday People/The Clientele Split 7"

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