Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boiling Over - Barriers [Cassette]

Chicago's Boiling Over recently announced they are breaking up after playing the remainder of shows they have booked. This is a pretty big loss for Chicago as they are one of the best bands around right now, in my opinion. Fortunately for everyone, they recorded 5 new songs that rank among their best. If you've never heard Boiling Over, they play classic, Boston inspired hardcore, taking cues from bands like SSD, Last Rights, etc. These tracks have a much more gritty, raw feel than the Trash City 7" on LifeLine. Pat sounds even more pissed and the song "Control" might be their hardest yet. So while it's a bummer they are breaking up, at least they are going out at the top of their game. Check it.

Boiling Over - Barriers [Cassette]

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Honquijote said...

This sounds fuckin' great! Thanks a lot, man... :-D