Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raw Nerve - Teens in Heat EP

If you've read hardcore/punk blogs or messageboards within the past year at all, chances are that you've heard about Raw Nerve. Most of the initial attention they received came from the mystery surrounding them and the fact that Youth Attack would be releasing a R/N record before they'd even really done anything. However, there is nothing wrong with keeping things interesting and presenting yourself in a creative way, especially when you have the songs to back it up. Musically, Raw Nerve plays raging, noisy hardcore that often reminds me of Void because of their use of mid-riff "solos" and delay effects. Singer Ralph Rivera has perfectly snotty vocal delivery that carries the four songs (including an X-Ray Spex cover) here. This band makes me really excited about current hardcore and I'm psyched to see what they do next.

This 7" was limited to 300 copies and sold out in a matter of days, so if you didn't have a chance to grab a copy, you can now at least have the songs. Enjoy!

Also, if you didn't check out their live set on my radio show, you can download it here.

Raw Nerve - Teens in Heat EP

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