Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harsh Distractions Playlist 11/03/09

I'm a few weeks behind on posting this, but on November 3rd, Like Rats came in and played a set live on Harsh Distractions. Here's what was played in addition to their set.

Hour 1
Hour 2

1. Chapterhouse – Breather - Whirlpool (INTRO MUSIC)
2. The Disaster - Cholera Asiatica And I Have Bullet Wounds For Eyes - Holy Ghost Can Suck It - 2003
3. On The Might Of Princes Go Fuck Yrself – Sirens - 2003
4. Polvo - Can I Ride - Cor-Crane Secret 1992
5. Sun Airway - Waiting on You - Oh, Naoko EP - 2009
6. Henry's Dress - Can't Make It Move - Henry's Dress/Rocketship Split 7" - 1996
7. Scotia Widows - Night In LA – Demo 2009
8. His Hero Is Gone - ...And We Burn - Fifteen Counts Of Arson - 1997
9. Down In Flames - I Don't Care That I'm Falling Apart - Down In Flames/Tear It Up Split - 2001
10. Colleen - I'll read you a story - The Golden Morning Breaks - 2005
11. Lake – Gravel - Let's Build A Roof - 2009
12. Group Home - Serious Rap Shit - Livin' Proof - 1995
13. The Saturday People - California Girls - The Saturday People - 2001
14. Cold As Life - Little From The World - Born To Land Hard - 1999
15. Unrest - Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl - Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl 7" - 1990
16. Squeeze - Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) - Singles 45's and Under - 1982
17. Dead Swans - Thinking of You – Sleepwalkers - 2009
18. Altercation - Friends Like These - Demo #2 -1987
19. Punch in the Face - Sector 7g - S/T 7" - 2002
20. Blacklist - Blue Shifted – Solidaire – 2007
21. Marva Whitney – It’s My Thing
22. Shudder to Think – Earthquakes Come Home – Pony Express Record
23. Black Breath – Beneath the Crust – Razor to Oblivion


dominic said...

hey man, a mutual friend (esther) told me about your radio show and i was wondering if you'd be interested in hearing my band and possibly playing it.

that's the link to our new EP and i enclosed a TXT file with the lyrics on it.

if you dig it, awesome. if not, no hard feelings.

- dominic

Stephen said...

Dominic -

Thanks for getting in touch! I'm pretty sure I've seen your band before once at Beat Kitchen in Chicago and you guys covered AN?

I'm going to try and play a song off the EP on Tuesday. I'm really into that first song on there, both lyrically and musically. Are the people named inspirators or people you know? Or both?


dominic said...

yes! we did play the beat kitchen and cover AN.

thanks a lot for playing the song and the people named are inspirators. i'm eager to see if someone can figure out all of them.

thanks so much, man.

Stephen said...

I'm bored at work and lurking so I'm gonna take a few stabs. Elliott Smith, Morrissey, Emily Haines, Wes Eisold, Jeff Mangum/Jeff Buckley, Matt Pryor, Chris Conley? I can't figure out who Charyln is to save my life though.

Are you going to TUI in Detroit on Friday? My roommate is playing in Viking so I'm gonna go up with him.

dominic said...

mangum and charlyn is chan marshall... haha

i'm going to try and make it to that show but i'm a bit strapped for $$$... psh