Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Comfortable People - Sing Different but Familiar

The Comfortable People were a lush indie-pop band from Providence, RI with roots firmly laid in 60's psych-pop. Comparisons can be made to bands of the Elephant Six Collective, The Shins, etc. Singer Tim Hiles has a soothing, even tone and his love of British pop music shines through in each song. The opening track "Lonely Marmalade" was one of my favorite songs of 2005 and brings back great memories each time I hear it. Though The Comfortable People's ability to tour was limited (if they did at all) and their recorded output consisted only of 3 self-released ep's, they wrote some great songs I wish were available to a wider audience. Though my blog is hardly "a wider audience," hopefully a few more people check them out. If you like this and want me to upload the other two ep's please let me know.

The Comfortable - Sings Different but Familiar

The Comfortable on Myspace

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mattxdizzle said...

dude def upload the other eps