Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Archers of Loaf - Live at Cat's Cradle (Reunion Show) - 1/15/11

There have been a staggering amount of band reunions in the past few years it seems. Some are more appropriate and relevant than others, and my interest varies from band to band (even the ones I love). For instance, I was very psyched about the Pavement reunion at first announcement. After the novelty and shock factor wore off I decided I'd rather keep my memories untarnished than go see them at an outdoor amphitheater off Michigan Avenue with 15,000 GRUPS. On the other hand, I went and saw My Bloody Valentine a few years ago and they were incredible, so everything is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Archers of Loaf are another favorite I often wished would get back together for some shows. Then a few months ago I came into work and found out they opened for The Love Language the night before at a show in Chapel Hill. I was excited. I downloaded a bootleg of the show and they clearly killed it. They played a good selection of material from Vee Vee, Icky Mettle, and the Vs the Greatest of All Time EP. However, as great as this sounds and how much fun it probably was to be there, there are some feelings you just cant recreate when you parade it around the country. I'm pretty ok with this bootleg and the back catalog, so if they end up touring I'll probably sit that one out.


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