Friday, January 28, 2011

Night Fever - You Can't Hide From... Cassette

I apologize for letting this blog more or less go by the wayside. It's easier for me to write about one song every day than it is to consistently think of new records to post here. However, I'm gonna try and get better about posting in here. I've had this blog for a long time now and I don't want it to turn into some music time capsule, left to be discovered years later by people searching for the Loose Dudes cassette or whathaveyou.

In any case the past few years have brought some real gems out of the bastard Chicago suburb that is Northwest Indiana. Typically I wouldn't be so quick to give praise to The Region, but they've been churning out great punk bands and Night Fever is another one to add to the list. This three song demo of cool, weird synth heavy punk has a strong early LA influence (think The Screamers, Nervous Gender) and even include a take on Black Flag's "Wasted." Download now and experience life after fallout.


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