Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Joel PPO - Relationship Status CS

On Mother's Day of 2010 members of Running, The Catburglars, The Pagan Blonde, The Plain White T's posted up in a studio and wrote and recorded 4 songs in the span of 4 hours. The result is Joel PPO, a fuzzed out, lo-fi garage punk homage to our brother Joel who went on sabbatical to New York for several months. Lyrics include incriminating details about various friends, inside jokes and generally confusing banter from the mouth of one of the greatest minds of our time, Ben Phillips. However, no one will ever be able to decipher the words because of the layers of static and noise burying the vocals. Check it out and pick up the cassette from Prio Male.

Joel PPO - Relationship Status Cassette

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