Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Mix 4/5/09

As you can see from the photo, spring has sprung in Chicago. Since I avoided the weather and stayed indoors most of the day, I made a mix of some songs I've been listening to lately. Enjoy!

01. Creeper Lagoon - Wonderful Love
02. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction
03. Young Governor - Virginia Creeper
04. Kleerup - Thank You for Nothing
05. Jim O'Rourke - Please Patronize Our Sponsors
06. Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring
07. Lavender Diamond - Open Your Heart
08. Deerhunter - Never Stops
09. Guided By Voices - Smothered in Hugs
10. Dirty on Purpose - Mind Blindness
11. Cold Cave - Always Someone
12. Brian & Dennis Wilson - I Feel So Fine
13. Ra Ra Riot - Each Year
14. Archers of Loaf - Plumb Line
15. Evan Dando - All My Life
16. The Avalanches - Since I Left You
17. Julie Doiron - Ce Charmant Coeur
18. Astrud Gilberto - How Insensitive

Spring Mix


Zoe said...


I'll get at you soon about the interview.

The OddNotes said...

you win for putting Ra Ra Riot on this. they play shows every now and then with a band originally from my hometown. Mason Proper, you might like them.

Kartsaklis said...

nice tracklist, thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Great fucking mix, trade links?

Stephen said...

Zoe- Thanks!

Courtney - I'll check out Mason Proper. Thanks for the recommendation.

Cardis - I'm glad you like it!

Daam - Link added, thanks for adding me on yours. Your blog is really great. I'm stoked to check out the mix with all the covers.