Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sunday's Best - Sons of the Second String 7"

For Christmas my family bought me a nice, new direct drive record player complete with USB capability. In the 12 years since I received my first record player for my 15th birthday, I've never had a truly nice one so needless to say, I am pretty psyched. With that comes the ability to rip old records for this blog which is something I've wanted to do for a while.

My first attempt at vinyl conversion is the debut 7" from California's Sunday's Best. I posted their EP Where You Are Now about a year ago and have wanted to post this ever since. "Sons of the Second String" is one of my favorite Sunday's Best songs and I think this 7" as a whole is a great indicator of what was to come for this incredibly underrated band. If you are familiar with the EP, this 7" offers more of the same great Midwest inspired emotional indie rock (think Caufield Records). Unlike Where You Are Now the three songs here shy away from the slower, darker end of the spectrum and keep things upbeat. If this sounds like your sort of thing, it probably is.

Sorry for the stolen eBay pic, but I don't have a scanner and this was the best thing I could find.

Sunday's Best - Sons of the Second String


Joe said...

would be interested to see what kind of compression/capture software you'll use for vinyl ripping.

Stephen said...

I use an Audio-Technica AT-PL120 turntable and Audacity for Mac. It was the only software I could operate with ease. I tried Garageband and Logic and couldn't get what I was looking for.

Dan Reed said...

Sunday's Best was horribly underrated in their day. Poised To Break still holds up as one of my favorite LPs. Definitely the soundtrack to 2000/2001 for me.

I got to see them in LA a bit when I lived there. When I got back to Chicago they played the Fireside once to like 3 people as a last minute addition after they got stranded here for a few days by not being allowed into Canada.

A few of the dudes are now doing The Little Ones playing super good happy pop.

Stephen said...

Dan - Poised to Break is definitely a great record. I listened to it a lot around that time when I'd commute to school.

Sadly, I never got to see them. I know they played here a few times, but I always slept on their shows. That show at the Fireside sounds great. There were so many bands I saw there to a handful of people that should have been playing to so many more.

When looking for a pic of the SB 7" I stumbled upon The Little Ones. They sound pretty good. Did you ever get into Skiploader or the Jealous Sound. A few of the dudes were in/went on to be in those bands.

Also, I checked out your blog and in regard to that JOA album "Live in Chicago" I'm pretty sure it's referencing how they live here. I think I read that in an interview with Tim Kinsella. Good record. I wish I would have known about Bob Nanna's photo exhibit. It looked rad. I love how there is a pic of the dude from Ethel Meserve in there. I listened to that band a lot in high school. I might have to up some of those records here.

Dan Reed said...

Skiploader was really good! I only have the EP that came out on Geffen but I have fond memories listening to the LP in college. I always put them in the same category as Seaweed. Maybe it's because they were both in such heavy rotation for me and some friends around the same time.

Jealous Sound is/was pretty awesome.

I'm glad I found your site. Some great jams we're agreeing on so I can't wait to explore what you're posting that I don't know about!

Stephen said...

Yeah I'd put them in the category of Seaweed as well though I don't remember if they sound like that. I just remember them having a good heavy 90's alt kind of thing going on. I should listen to that EP again.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you commented with your thoughts and stories. It's nice to know people are actually reading and reacting rather than simply downloading the record.

attila.czifra said...

Please, can you re-upload this?