Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Justice - Still Fighting

In my 12-13 years of going to shows only a handful of bands have made me feel unsafe while playing. One of those bands was No Justice. In 2000, Anton/Underestimated Records set up a 3 day "Chicago Fest," at the University of Chicago. It was a real "who's who" in the fast hardcore/punk scene at the time. I had never heard No Justice, but as soon as they rang out, it was insane. I'd never seen the singer of any band have so little regard for his own safety. He spent more time diving than singing and everyone took a cue from him. It was total pandemonium. At one point I was standing on the side of the stage and he got on top of the speakers to dive. Right as they were about to fall on me and a few others, someone secured them so we didn't get crushed. Musically, they were just as intense. They were just a messy blur of fast hardcore with huge breaks perfect for diving and moshing. A few months later I saw them at The Fireside with Nerve Agents and it was equally intense. Timmy (the singer) immediately did a 10 foot dive onto a small bench with 5 or 6 people standing on it. I can't believe he didn't break his leg.

Sadly, this was the only material they released aside from their demo. As the years go on, this record seems to become more and more of a forgotten classic of the early 2000's.

No Justice - Still Fighting

I couldn't find the set from Chicago Fest on YouTube, but here is footage from their last show that accurately resembles the times I saw No Justice.


matt said...

that dude's complete reckless abandon is just amazing

Tim said...

I don't know about now, but he used to be a male model, getting paid to look pretty.

Stephen said...

i heard about that. i remember hearing a story about him fighting some dude in an expensive Prada zip up. Pretty hard.

Michelle said...

I've been to a few shows that reminded me of No Justice and they were damned fun! Much appreciate for introducing me to them otherwise I'd not have gotten to hear them before.

daniel shea said...

very great record, i still listen to it frequently.

this band is often regarded as a pinnacle of dc hardcore, on the east coast. i've heard insane stories from friends that knew these dudes and saw them play.

also, if you dig around there's a lot of funny videos of the singer doing things like running up to Morrissey on stage and kissing him.

Stephen said...

Yeah, I love that video of him kissing Moz then stagediving onto a bunch of people. You can hear all these people screaming.

As a band they were definitely great and unfortunately short lived. Though I think with bands like that they can only do what they do for so long.

A bunch of people here drove out to see Blood for Blood, Madball and some others in DC/VA/Baltimore back about 5-6 years ago and I guess there was just non-stop fighting going on and Timmy No Justice was very in the mix, fighting in some Prada track jacket.