Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Down Like the Rest - The Barely Breathing EP

Before our year and a half hiatus, my band Down Like the Rest wrote a handful of songs that were originally going to be on a 12" our friend Dan was going to release. However, with everyone in the bands schedules being what they were, we opted not do the record and put the band on hold for a little while. In September of 2007 we decided to rerecord what we had and release it informally as an EP for those who might be interested. I'm pleased with how everything turned out and I'm glad we finally have quality versions of these songs. Musically, it's fast, dark hardcore along the lines of Cursed, Damnation ad, 108 and so on. Check it out.

Down Like the Rest - The Barely Breathing EP


matt said...

I hear their bass player like to cuddle cock. He also likes Rainer Maria.

Anonymous said...

Barely Breathing like that Duncan Sheik song?

Stephen said...

haha, not quite. CLOSE though.