Thursday, January 3, 2008

American Nightmare - Live at the Fireside Bowl 2001

Since my involvement in hardcore, no time period has had a more profound affect on me than the years 2000-2003 and in those years no band resonated with me more than American Nightmare. They raised the bar in terms of music, lyrics and pushed the boundaries of what was deemed "acceptable" for a traditional hardcore band. I was lucky enough to see them many times and have fond memories of each set. While other bands haven't stood the test of time, American Nightmare has held up quite well.

This is a live set from their first time playing Chicago at the now defunct, but legendary, Fireside Bowl. I was bummed I missed this show (and their second trip to Chicago) because I was out of town or had finals and subsequently didn't get to see them until they toured with Converge, Hope Conspiracy and Thrice. If memory serves this was the show they played with Nerve Agents, Ruination and The Enemy so it was a pretty solid line up. Background Music hadn't been officially released but they had some copies for tour and played a few songs from it. My friend Joe called me a few days after the show and couldn't stop raving about how good the LP was. He was right and if missing the show wasn't enough of a bummer, I now had to wait even longer to hear the record.

American Nightmare - Live at the Fireside Bowl


E Blum said...

I saw them in '01 but it must have been that second time they were around. Life's halt, what happens next, kill your idols, and kungfu rick played. That was my first fireside show. I still regret not picking up that zip up and an lp. Live and learn, I guess.

Stephen said...

i want to say that was the SECOND time they came through, but i could be wrong. i still regret not getting that zip up too.

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