Friday, October 19, 2007

Def Choice - Culture is Dead 7"

Def Choice originally formed in the late 90's/early '00's as straight edge youth crew band Definite Choice. As they progressed, they dropped the "inite" from their name and began playing a far more interesting brand of hc/punk, taking cues from bands like Born Against, Tear It Up and classic DC hardcore. Culture is Dead is the result of this transition in sound and attitude. It's 10 songs of witty, intelligent, well-written hardcore that should have garnered them much more notoriety (at least in terms of circle pitting) than it did. However, what they lacked in "mass appeal," they more than made up for in their ridiculous stage banter and fantastic punk song writing.

On a personal note, it's hard to accurately sum up how much Def Choice has meant to me over the years. My old band Time to Die played the majority of our shows with them including a very unsuccessful West Coast tour and a 4 day weekend. We took trips together, sang along and moshed for each others bands, shared a lot of stories and created a lot of memories. Being in that band and having Def Choice as our "brother band" mark some of my favorite moments being involved in hardcore and I still regret breaking up before we were able to do a split 7" with them.

Also, Steve, the drummer of Def Choice and Ryan (friend and frequent bass fill-in) have a new band called The Catburglars that have a few 7"s worth checking out.

Def Choice - Culture is Dead

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silent movies said...

hey so one day when you're famous, i want them to interview me because im gonna say "I used to always tell steve, 'the only thing you should ever do for the rest of your life is talk about music'" except then itll have so much more notoriety because then everyone else in the world will be agreeing with me. dont forget that: my interest in your success is really only so that i can get interviewed when you're too much of a big shot to pencil anyone in. :)

as always, you're talented.

matthew said...

fuck yeah brother